At Maison Charlot, durability and sustainability are in the heart of our business. How and where our posters are made matters. To shorten our supply chain, we chose to keep production in Paris and solely work with local artisans with highest manufacturing standards. Collaborating closely with these passionate craftsmen allows us to ensure You that each poster is made with care, so in the end you receive a superb quality art print.


When selecting materials, we made sure to select the highest quality and responsible alternatives. Maison Charlot posters are printed on 315g paper made from 100% natural cotton. The surface has a special matte coating that has archival properties, perfect for limited edition fine art reproductions. The cotton paper is long-lasting, free of acids, lignin and optical brightening agents that change the look of prints over time.


Maison Charlot posters are produced through giclée technique using pigment inks. Unlike in traditional dye-based prints where water-soluble ink bonds with the paper, here pigments are directly laid down onto the paper to produce superb quality artwork. This technic guarantees colour stability for up to150 years. The pigment inks used in the production are non-toxic and non-combustible. Thus, it secures the atelier with a safe and healthy working environment.


To limit our environmental impact and give back to the nature and society, we partner with Tree Nation to start our reforestation program. Thus, part of our profit goes to replanting the forests in the rural areas. We make sure that when you buy a Maison Charlot art print you make a positive impact on the environment. With each order you will receive an email that will offer to plant your own tree. You will be able to see the species of the tree, where it is planted and revisit your tree whenever you want!


Striving to cover all aspects of our supply chain in a sustainable manner, we substitute the regular postal tubes made from virgin materials with an eco-friendly solution. Maison Charlot art prints are shipped in protective tubes which are made from 100% recycled fibreboard. They are fully recyclable, reusable, and can be biodegraded without the end caps.