Get to know better us better

We had the pleasure of talking to our business partner Laetitia De Graeve, the founder of Aïna decoration. During our conversation, we talked about us, discussed Maison Charlot and our shared vision. We are excited to share this conversation with you.

L - How was Maison Charlot born?

M&B - We both come from the world of art and creation and met while sharing the same design studio. Marijana has a background in fine arts and a degree in fashion design. Bruno has a degree in graphic design and sustainable design. After having both designed for other brands, we had the desire to propose high-quality artworks, that we could make accessible to the greater number of people. This is how Maison Charlot was born in 2020. Today, Maison Charlot for us is a place of artistic freedom where we can give free rein to our creative impulses. Thanks to our autonomy, we have also been able to select the best suppliers and artisans with the dual objective of bringing together materials and techniques of the highest quality, while ensuring the use of sustainable and local processes.

Maison Charlot giclée art prints in paris

L - What is your technique?

M&B - It takes a lot of effort and time until one piece finally gets exhibited. We like to experiment with different styles and techniques, both traditional and digital, and also get out of our comfort zone. Our creations are rarely a result of a spontaneous gesture; they are most often the result of a long process of reflection, iterative testing and maturation. In the course of our exchanges, sometimes those creations are transformed to become works that have only a distant relationship with the idea that gave them birth. In all our collections, we are striving to develop innovative concepts while remaining faithful to our original aesthetic.

bruno bijaksic for maison charlot paris

L - What inspires you?

M&B -  Living in different countries has shaped us as individuals and influenced our artistic expression through the exposure to diverse cultures, artistic traditions, and ways of life. Paris is a city of endless beauty and intrigue, and it serves as a constant source of inspiration for our artworks. Whether it's the romance of the city of love or the fashion-forward style of its residents, Paris serves as a constant muse for our work. Having lived in Copenhagen for several years, our work is also steeped in Scandinavian life and culture. The peaceful and soothing atmosphere that is often associated with a Scandinavian design is very present in our work. The minimalist approach of Nordic design is a perfect starting point for our art prints as it allows us to focus on basic shapes, colours and textures while leaving room for creativity and expression.  Finally, as we are both Croatian origin, Mediterranean way of life is an integral part of who we are and is reflected in our art. The warm and sunny climate of the Adriatic coast is also a constant source of inspiration, with its crystal-clear waters and colourful surroundings providing a rich palette for us to draw from.