The moment when you receive your Maison Charlot art print it is gonna be an exciting one, but please do not rush and pay attention in the way you treat it. Fine art prints  are fragile and need to be handled with extreme care.


Impatient hands can cause damage, so be careful removing prints from the tube. Your print will be wrapped in kraft paper, so instead of touching the print you will securely grab the kraft paper and gently pull it out. Beforehand, prepare a clean surface where the poster will be placed. 


Your art print can be irrevocably damaged if you do not frame it properly. Try not to touch the surface of the paper, always hold the paper by the very edges with two hands. Have clean and dry hands, or wear cotton gloves if necessary. Avoid backing made out of ground wood pulp, as it is acidic and will discolour paper. Between the print and backing, place a thick peace of paper.