We believe that art does not belong to galleries and museums solely. It should be part of our everyday lives, and everyone should be able to have a piece of art in their personal space. That is why Maison Charlot duo, together with brilliant artisans will provide you with high-quality and unique prints of contemporary and modern art. 

Maison Charlot is the place where You as an art collector will discover exquisite art prints and posters that are both contemporary and timeless. In our diversely curated collection, you will find art prints that will resonate with your style and personality. Once you hang the artwork on your wall, you will experience how much of a character and good vibes art can bring to your living space and life.


Maison Charlot prints radiate with simplicity as if their intention was to calm us down and balance our fast-paced lives. The artists arrange eye-catching compositions using simple artistic shapes. They create for the sake of passion and devotion that cannot be suppressed, they create to satisfy their existence. Not defining anything, leaving the space for our impressions, fulfilling needs for endless creation and invite us to accompany them in this life journey.


At Maison Charlot, durability and sustainability are in the heart of our business. How and where our prints are made matters. To shorten our supply chain, we chose to keep production in Paris and solely work with local artisans with highest manufacturing standards. Collaborating closely with these passionate craftsmen allows us to ensure You that each poster is made with care, so in the end you receive a superb quality art print

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